Jelly Fashion: Embracing the Playful Trend

Jelly Fashion: Embracing the Playful Trend

Fashion operates in cycles, where styles that once faded away eventually resurface to captivate style enthusiasts once again. Despite initial doubts about its return, jelly fashion, with its colorful and whimsical appeal, has made a triumphant comeback, embracing its squishy charm.

Jelly Fashion: Embracing the Playful Trend
Jelly Fashion: Embracing the Playful Trend

Defined by plastic or rubber pieces, particularly shoes and bags reminiscent of candy, jelly fashion exudes playfulness and makes a bold statement, explains professional stylist Christina Stein.

The Resurgence of Jelly Fashion

Jelly fashion initially emerged in the 1950s with footwear but gained prominence from the late 1980s through the early 2000s with its neon colors and lively designs, notes Stein. Fast forward two decades, and the jelly aesthetic has resurfaced, riding on the momentum of the Y2K resurgence in fashion.

Julie Kraus, a stylist and image consultant, highlights its recent appearances on runways, such as Coach’s Spring 2023 show featuring the classic flat, cage silhouette, as well as modern variations seen in Prada’s platform designs.

Recent releases from brands like Telfar and Gucci further solidify the demand for jelly fashion, with structured handbags and affordable sandals flying off the shelves.

Tips for Incorporating Jelly into Your Wardrobe

Incorporating jelly accessories into your wardrobe offers a playful touch to your outfits. Kraus suggests embracing the trend affordably, as it may be short-lived, and recommends pairing jelly shoes with socks for a nostalgic Y2K feel and added comfort.

Stein echoes the importance of affordability and suggests opting for one or two statement pieces that complement your existing wardrobe, particularly a handbag in a color you frequently wear.

Favorite Jelly Fashion Finds

Ready to embrace the jelly trend? Here are some standout picks:


  • Juju Jelly Heeled Shoes in Clear Glitter with Lilac Contrast Sole ($28, ASOS)
  • Crocs Mega Crush Clog ($79.99,
  • Maurices Paige Speckled Jelly Sandal ($16.90, Maurices)
  • Melissa Mule ($119, Shop Melissa)
  • Steve Madden Women’s Echo Fisherman Sandal ($59.95, Amazon)


  • Kurt Geiger Vinyl Kensington Bag ($135, Kurt Geiger)
  • Revolve 8 Other Reasons Clear Bag in Pink ($59, Revolve)
  • Coach Jelly Tabby ($350, Coach)
  • Miforines Jelly Pillow-Shaped Handbag ($34.99, Amazon)
  • BeWaltz Jelly Fruit Handbag in Lemon ($29.99, BeWaltz)


  • Alison Lou Lucite Jelly Huggies ($105, Alison Lou)
  • Faerliiry Glitter Filled Jelly Silicone Bracelets ($9.99, Amazon)
  • Los Angeles Apparel Jelly Heart Drop Earrings ($16, Los Angeles Apparel)
  • Boho Jewel Boutique Kelly Green Lucite Statement Necklace ($25, Etsy)
  • Local Eclectic Funky Resin Ring ($25, Local Eclectic)
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