Pinterest Forecasts the Top Beauty and Style Trends for 2024

Pinterest Forecasts the Top Beauty and Style Trends for 2024

Pinterest serves as a treasure trove of style inspiration, but navigating through countless pins can sometimes feel aimless. Luckily, the minds behind the platform utilize their vast dataset to anticipate trends before they explode onto the scene—enter Pinterest Predicts.

Pinterest Forecasts the Top Beauty and Style Trends for 2024
Pinterest Forecasts the Top Beauty and Style Trends for 2024

Their analysis for 2024 showcases a blend of iconic, quirky, and delightful trends spanning various aspects of life. These insights help us infuse our pins with freshness and excitement. Wondering if skinny jeans are still in? Curious about the hottest nail polish shades? Here’s a glimpse into what beauty and style aficionados can expect in the coming year.

  1. Jellyfish-inspired Makeup and Hair Gen Z and Millennials with a penchant for niche aesthetics are embracing the squishy allure of jellyfish. While not everyone may opt for the jellyfish haircut (it’s polarizing), incorporating jellyfish-inspired hats and achieving a glowing, ethereal makeup look are perfect ways to dip toes into this trend without full commitment.
  2. Metallic Madness Metallics are making a comeback, but not just any metallics. Chrome and cool silver tones are stealing the spotlight, adorning everything from necklaces to nail polish. Forget about glittery eyeshadows and distressed gold fabrics—think shiny, sleek, and polished.
  3. Supersized Everything Bring out the teasing comb because oversized hair is back in vogue. Alongside voluminous locks, expect to see bold accessories making a statement. Think large, structural jewelry pieces or opt for oversized hoop earrings to nail this trend.
  4. Blue Hues Pairing perfectly with shiny chrome metals is the resurgence of blue makeup. If 2024 feels like a nod to the 1960s, you’re not mistaken. With chrome, chunky jewelry, voluminous hair, and aquamarine eyeshadow, the look is complete. For a subtler take, try blueberry milk nails or incorporate pops of blue into your outfits.
  5. All-Over Glow While a glowing face is a perennial favorite, 2024 will spotlight the importance of a radiant body. Elevate your self-care routine with dedicated body care rituals, ensuring you don’t skip moisturizing and sunscreen application.
  6. Bow Stacking In 2024, Millennials and Gen Z will take the dainty bow trend up a notch with multiple bows adorning clothing, shoes, and hair. Whether it’s crocheting a bow headband or crafting a bow necklace from a scarf, don’t hesitate to stack them for added impact.
  7. Jazz-inspired Apparel Get ready for a full-blown jazz revival as Pinterest predicts. Set the mood with low lighting, smooth jazz tunes, and attire reminiscent of a cozy basement jazz club in NYC. Start with a ribbed turtleneck paired with a fitted navy striped blazer and let your jazz-inspired ensemble unfold.
  8. Repurposed Fabrics Dubbed “Give a Scrap” by Pinterest, this trend caters to vintage enthusiasts with a knack for crafting. Thrifting remains popular, but now’s the time to elevate those vintage finds. Embrace zero-waste sewing patterns or breathe new life into old garments by patching holes or adding embellishments.
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